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Dear Bleu d'Olive Friends,

It is with a mix of excitement and emotion that I would like to let you know of my decision to step away from Bleu d’Olive and let another passionate individual take the reigns of the beloved business that I birthed 18 years ago and lovingly raised to be the wonderful adolescent that it is today.

After some deep soul searching at the beginning of this year, and as I am about to become an empty nester as of September (all 3 of my children having moved or about to move to Europe for studies), I decided it was time for me to start a new life chapter and take a leap of faith in a new direction.
When I immediately found the perfect person to take over Bleu d’Olive’s next phase of expansion, I knew I had made the right decision.

A French “compatriot" from Southwestern part of France, who moved to Arizona with his family a couple of years ago and is very excited to start communicating and working with all of you.  He will be continuing the same model as I have, i.e. offering the same wonderful French products via Bleu d’Olive’s website as well as a brick and mortar location within the Scottsdale Marketplace, and of course all of your favorite art shows and festivals around AZ and beyond.

La vie est trop courte pour s’entourer de couleurs monotones!