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Il ne fait pas bon de travailler quand la cigale chante

(It’s not good to work when the cicada is singing)

Cicada History

This Provençal expression speaks of the relaxing and melodic sounds of the cicadas. According to Provençal folklore, the cicada was sent by God to rouse peasants from their afternoon sieste on hot summer days and prevent them from becoming too lazy.The plan backfired: Instead of being disturbed by the cicadas, the peasants found the sound of their buzzing relaxing, which in turn lulled them to sleep!
While some may think of them as loud and a nuisance, the musical French cigales are welcomed by all…. In fact, for the French (and the many Europeans vacationing in the South of France for the summer), the cigale is the symbol of vacation/relaxation…. When you finally arrive in the South of France after hours of driving, the first sound that you hear when you open your door is the sound of the cicadas…. the sound says “finally, let the vacation begin!”

I offer several sizes of cicadas that can be used either indoors or outdoors. While some people will be content with just one of these fun bugs, some are inspired to create “collages” of cicadas, mixing and matching them by size, colors, design, etc.  It is up to you whether to leave them “be” (i.e. standalone and empty) or use them as “wall pockets” by filling them with sprigs of dried lavender or other flowers, even potting them with small succulents or cacti.

Remember, the cigale is the symbol of luck, so the more you have at home, the luckier you will be!  They are also a wonderful gift for any occasion and a definite conversation-starter.