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Antique Aubagne Tile (brown cicadas)

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Aubagne Tile from the late 19th century.  This tile, along with its siblings, was salvaged from an old house in Aubagne before it was demolished.  There are 6 available tiles in this "brown cicadas" design.  Each tile measures 4"x4".

Please note that some of the tiles are in better shape than others, and that some grout is still attached to some of them.

(About Aubagne: A renowned pottery town for centuries, Aubagne is a commune in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of southern France - near Marseille.  It is particularly known for its “Santons" (terracotta figurines sculpted for nativity scenes after the Revolution) and is home to some of the most prominent names in Provençal pottery (e.g. “Faïencerie Louis Sicard” since 1890, “Poterie Ravel” since 1957).)

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